When Abdullah Azzam met Ahmed Shah Massoud

Abstract Dr. Abdullah Azzam has been seen as the father of global jihad both by analysts and indeed al-Qaeda itself. Al-Qaeda and Jihadis of all varieties claim him to be their founding father. What is interesting is that Azzam did not view those who al-Qaeda viewed as its enemies in… Read more“When Abdullah Azzam met Ahmed Shah Massoud”

To the Mountains: My Life in Jihad, from Algeria to Afghanistan

  Description The Algerian Islamist Abdullah Anas, ‘perhaps the greatest warrior of the Afghan Arabs’, fought the Soviet Union for a decade. As one of the earliest Arabs to join the Afghan jihad, he counted as brothers-in-arms the future icons of Al-Qaeda’s global war, from Abdullah Azzam to Osama bin… Read more“To the Mountains: My Life in Jihad, from Algeria to Afghanistan”

Musa al-Qarni on the Afghan Jihad

The Afghan Jihad: An Annotated Interview with Musa al-Qarni about Abdullah Azzam and Ahmed Shah Massoud and the tension with the ‘Afghan Arabs’ In my research into the Arab Afghans I came across this interview which I thought I would share here. This article is important because it shows how… Read more“Musa al-Qarni on the Afghan Jihad”